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Advanced Aerodynamics LLC

Advanced Aerodynamics is a Florida-based operating company that develops intellectual property and sells drones focusing on pioneering patented aerodynamics technologies foundational to the industry.

Our Products

Our technology is specifically designed to operate in very challenging and dangerous environments. These technologies are applicable to the commercial, industrial, and toy drone industries. With our patented self-righting designs a drone can crash and take off again without human intervention. Drones with our design can fly in:


  • Close-range and narrow spaces such as a tunnel, pipeline, bridge, tower, and building interior etc. for inspection, racing, rescue, combat or other purposes.

  • Other places that lack a stable landing platform, such as a moving truck or a rocking boat.

  • Complicated missions such as a delivery drone.

  • Military and public safety uses where hazardous environments exist, such as fire or where risk of an explosion is present.

New product line of our company: the Flying Dinosaur, a revolutionary interactive AR video effect App.

Our Services
The XT001F
The Sidekick Aerial Ball
Sidekick Aerial Ball.jpg
LiangChan 015.jpg
Yan Multiple XT Flyers HK Toy Show.JPG
Girl 2_edited.jpg

The Excite Alien Sphere - A Licensed Product

alien sphere.jpg
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