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Our flying objects are now in the world of Augmented Reality (AR).


How to play AR Flying Dinosaur App

  • After installing, open the app by clicking on the icon from the homescreen.

  • Decide upon a horizontal or vertical capture. If vertical, be sure that the camera is at the top. The following instructions assume a vertical orientation.

  • The Layout of the Controls:

    1. Gear Icon: “Settings” at lower left (two sliders)

      1. Top slider: “Height” adjusts how high or low the Dino appears.

      2. Bottom slider: “Distance” adjusts how close or far the Dino appears.

    2. Arrow Icon: “Exit” at upper right.

    3. (3) Dino Icons at middle right:

      1. Top: Dino “Spits fire”.

      2. Middle: Dino “Circles to the right”.

      3. Bottom: Dino “Circles to the left”.

    4. Dino Icon: Holds Dino “Stationary” in view (will not follow a person) at bottom right. Please note that the settings from the Gear Icon are not available when the stationary mode is used.

    5. Red Icon: “Record” at middle bottom.

  • Basic Operation

    1. Point Camera at a single person (no others in view) - view full body and ask them not to move for a moment.

    2. The Dino will appear above them.

    3. Adjust the location of the Dino (when not in stationary mode) using the Gear Icon sliders.

    4. Direction of Dino: Once you have positioned the Dino with the sliders, you can use one finger to change the horizontal direction the Dino is pointing by swiping anywhere on the screen (left or right).

    5. Now you’re ready to play or record

      1. At this point the Dino will follow your subject person; they can walk and the Dino will follow along with them.

      2. When the subject person turns their body, the Dino will also turn in that direction.

      3. The subject person can walk closer or farther from the camera as well as to the left or right.

  • Special Effects

    1. If you click the upper right Dino Icon, it will turn blue. Then the Dino will pick up his head and spit fire. Afterwards the icon will turn white again.

    2. If you click the middle or bottom of the Dino Icons, he will fly to the left or to the right.

    3. If you click the Dino Icon at the lower right, the Dino will remain fixed in place and will not follow your subject person. This can be useful if more people enter the frame.

    4. Remember, if you fix the Dino in place the Gear Icon sliders are not available for use; however all other effects are still available for use.

    5. The AR effect is in 3D, so you can move around your subject person or they can move around you.

    6. The Dino will remain positioned properly in space so that the AR is realistic.

  • Recording

    1. Once you have set the options to your liking, you may record the action and interaction.

    2. Click the Red Record button at middle bottom; the icon will turn from a circle to a square and show time elapsed.

    3. Click the Record button again to stop the recording. The Recording has NOT yet been saved. At this point you will be presented with (2) options:

      1. Click the Red “X” to escape and go back (your recording is NOT saved).

      2. Click the Green “checkmark” to see the save options. Once you click the Green checkmark you will be presented with (3) options:

        1. Click the “Red Down Arrow” to save the video to your device. A confirmation window will pop up. Click “OK” to close the window.

        2. Click the “White Left Arrow” to escape and return to the recording screen. Your recording is NOT saved.

        3. Click the “Share” Icon to see multiple sharing and saving options.

  • To Exit the app, click on the “Arrow” Icon at the upper right of the recording screen. This will take you out of the app and back to your homescreen

  • Begin with basic and straightforward Dinosaur interactive movements alongside you, and then progressively incorporate additional activities, angles, positions, backgrounds, and stories. By doing so, you can become proficient in using this enjoyable AR tool to produce remarkable AR effect videos.

Interactive spitting fire Flying Dinosaur AR video effects app



This new AR (Augmented Reality) video effects app is to create an AR flying dinosaur in your screen which can interact with a real human, fly to any direction of that person going, or turning or standing, and at related distance or angle to that person in the air you set. This app can also just set this AR flying dinosaur in the air where the place you like and what actions you want it to do.


The unique feature of this app is no matter how all three, the person being recorded, the person holding the camera, and the AR figure move around among themselves, the AR figure is always in the right place, with right angle and right size in the screen as it is real, that makes the AR effect video look real and believable, blurs the line between reality and fantasy. With this AR video effects app, compared to conventional AR video effects tool, much more interactive, dynamic, fun and entertaining videos can be made.


Originally AR effects were applied to still photos to dress up a selfie or group photo. What followed were basic video effects where you could insert an AR character - but only in a fixed size and angle of the AR figure, with no real interaction with the people in the video. Even if the AR character could move, it was pre-set which did not relate to the movement of the people being recorded.


Now, you have the chance to create amazing video - captured in camera and in real time of an AR character, the flying dinosaur in this app, with people which has a truly interactive and dynamic relationship. The results are realistic and convincing- you can even capture and create video while both the people and the AR character are moving. Here are some the unique features and highlights that will enable you to create incredible special effects while you’re recording:


The AR flying dinosaur in this app is real 360-degree 3D figure in the air.

The AR flying dinosaur once being put in the air, it will always be the correct proportions with the proper angles, and perspective, as you move your camera back and forth or around the AR character, the AR image of the flying dinosaur in your video will be changed accordingly as it is a real AR character being filmed.

In the following video, you can see the AR dinosaur from different angle when you walk around it.


Other apps don’t have these amazing changes in perspective - move the camera 360-degree around the AR character and it is as if you are actually circling around the character; completely realistic and 3-dimensional.


This app can create interactive video.

The people in the video do not need to stand still. They can move around and the AR character can move with them. If the people being recorded walk forward backward or turn, the AR character flies forward backward or can turn together. This AR video effects app is capable of placing the AR character in the specific 3-dimensional X-Y-Z position especially when the AR character and the people are moving around each other, so that the AR character and the people will always be in the proper position and proportion with each other, even as the distance and angle between the AR character and the people increases or decreases. This technology provides a truly interactive experience while creating video and viewing the finished result.


The AR dinosaur could follow you wherever you go:


The AR Dinosaur will turn with you and turn as you do:


You could have a good fight with this AR dinosaur in your video:


Other mainstream AR positioning methods are very limited, the people and AR figure have no interactive relationship, and not nearly as entertaining. They do not have a dynamic interactive spatial relationship so the moment the camera or the person being recorded angle changes, the result looks fake.


The AR flying dinosaur could be very dynamics in this app, once you master how to use this app.

Two links below are examples:


The AR dinosaur could spit fire:


The AR dinosaur can circle around the sky:


You can perfectly position the AR image accurately and exactly where you want it, with the size or angle of the figure you perfect.

Here is an example, you can play this AR dinosaur with your hand in your video:

Imagine all of the fantastic possibilities and creative ways you can experiment with this new AR technology:


  • Take a walk in your town and the AR Flying Dinosaur will fly above you and follow you.

  • Dress up like a medieval warrior and fight with a Fire Breathing Flying AR character.

  • Include the AR Dinosaur in your next birthday party - let it fly above a dance party or gather over your group for a photo with the cake!

  • You may even make a movie of dinosaur with this new AR technology.


Use this AR video effect app, so your friends can watch and enjoy the wonderful life you have once they are shared in social medias. We are only humbly offer you this AR video effect app as a tool. The possibilities of this tool are only limited by your imagination!


Note, this app needs iPhone 11 or newer models.

Download information on the Flying Dinosaur, Interactive AR video effect App

Go to Apple Store with your iPhone or iPad, search for "Interactive AR Dinosaur", then you can download this app.

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