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About Advanced Aerodynamics LLC


In 2009, Advanced Aerodynamics LLC was formed in Florida. Mr. James Dees, a law enforcement officer, bomb technician, and former US Marine infantry officer, together with an engineer, Mr. Max Gaofei Yan, developed a new and unique drone design. The design allows drones to crash in midair, crash-land on the ground in any position, and self-right without human intervention.  That design was the first of any aeronautical vehicle in aviation history to operate this way.


The company began to apply for patents worldwide including the US, Canada, Japan, EU, Australia, China, and Israel.  Within a few years, a number of patents had been granted—one country after another. The patent portfolio grew and continues to grow, covering various embodiments of Advanced Aerodynamics’ unique and unprecedented design.


While the patents were pending, the company began to promote this unique and practical technology to a number of companies.    The first product to enter the marketplace with this design was called the “ORB.” The ORB went on to be sold in Best Buy and a number of other major department stores. Additionally, it won the Hot Product award by CNN Money in 2012.  Following this success, a number of different mini-drones with its design, including the Lily Ball, Alien Sphere, XT Flyer 001, and XT Flyer 005, were released.  Costco and Walmart were major sales outlets for these products.


Advanced Aerodynamics continues its research and development activities in efforts to meet the evolving needs of the market. Some of the top universities in the aviation field are involved in this R&D, one of them being Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. To promote its patented designs and products, Advanced Aerodynamics has for the past 7 years very actively attended as vendors different trade shows and conventions, including CES in Las Vegas, the Hong Kong Toy Fair, the Neuberger Toy Show, and AUVSI Drone and Unmanned System shows in different cities within the US.


Advanced Aerodynamics’ current product offerings includes the XT-001, XT-005, and the XT Kids Racing Drone.  Other designs are under development, including the XT-002, which is provisioned with an AR system, and the XT-003, which is equipped with a camera for FPV goggles are under development.

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